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Welcome to the w-lister!
For a few years I’ve been nurturing an avid interest in podcasts, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk, Audacity and all all the other silly-named things we know collectively as Social Media. It excites me. I think this technology is changing mainstream communications in a big way. How we talk to one another-friends, family, colleagues and clients alike-is being transformed.

I’d like to contribute a little to conversations about the transformation through this blog.

Now obviously there are already hundreds-likely thousands-of excellent blogs, podcasts and other discussions about new media. Bona fide experts with a wealth of experience have long since established a prolific A-list of bloggers, podcasters and other content producers. And they do an overwhelmingly good job of keeping us updated on emerging technologies and their impact. It’s not my intention to try adding to or emulating these voices.

Instead, I want to talk about social media’s affect within my own sphere. I’d like to have direct conversations about how new media actually matters (or not) to personal and/or professional lives-or how it might. I want to look at how it actually is, or isn’t, affecting the world around me, and the people I know in it.

I’m not really sure what the overall conversation will look like, because I’m hoping you’ll help me shape it.

  • Leave a comment-good, bad or ugly-on any or all of the posts you read, or the comments that are already there.
  • Send me questions you’d like addressed through the blog. While I definitely don’t have all the answers, I do know a raft of people much smarter than me I can draw on to get them.
  • Suggest subjects I should be writing about.
  • Write a guest post and I’ll happily put it up there…except if it’s really brilliant I’m going to steal it and put my own name on it.
  • Send me any other feedback you might have, positive or negative; it’s all good to me.

Thanks for visiting!

I hope you’ll stick around for a while.

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