I’ve been gone-gone-gone, gone so long, I’ve been gone-gone-gone so long

by Francis Wooby on October 26, 2009

I apologize for my recent unannounced extended absence. I had no intention of taking a multiple month hiatus from this blog, just a breather over the summer. However, a confluence of personal and professional developments saw me postpone my return to the W-lister, week after week, to the point where we’re now almost at Hallowe’en. So, this is as fitting a time as any to resurrect the dead and get back into the blog. With any luck, not everyone has given up on hearing from me again here; and if you have, I hope I can coax you back. I very much value the conversations that have been happening here. All of you have some excellent insights and interesting experiences, and I’m grateful you’ve been willing to share them here. Thank you, and welcome back.

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