The W-lister Podcast Episode 6: Is your supposedly private Facebook flaming a potential public flub?

by Francis Wooby on February 12, 2011

Should you feel free to argue about things in a personal manner on Facebook? Is it okay to comment on a comment even when you don’t know the person? What do you do when something you post on Facebook leads to disrespectful arguments on your profile?

Thank you to The Big George Jackson Blues Band and The Donts for the use of their music in this episode!

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Gordon Cameron March 5, 2011 at 5:12 pm

I like your dinner party analogy. I look at FB very much like that except it’s a dinner party realty show (so far no Marie-France, thankfully) where the entire world can watch and listen . I always try to be mindful that everyone reading what I post may not know me, my sense of humour, my relationship to the person upon whose post I am commenting, etc. That has meant that I’ve self-censored several quips that would have had people who understood them (or me) ROTFL. I’m also quite mindful of the fact that my FB friend list is an eclectic mix of actual friends, past friends, business and volunteer acquaintances, relatives and even students so I tend to play it a lot safer than I would if I were chatting with friends in a social setting.

It’s also important to know that the OP can play a big part in my willingness to post something a little more out there than I normally would. For instance, when I make a comment on something you’ve written that I think (OK, know) is funny but could (OK, does) come off with me sounding like a total jerk, I know that you will respond in a way that will let the readers know that this is good-natured fun. That context prevents anyone who doesn’t know me, or who may be lurking from assuming that I’m some sort of cyberbully or uber-jerk based solely on my comments. Once they’ve met me… well that’s another story.

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